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April 9, 2011 / Marco

Magic Jack Plus – Save Money On Phone Service While At Home

If you are like me then you absolutely love cell phones to death. Okay, you might not love them as much as I do, enough to write about them all the time but still you know what I mean.

Although I love cell phones recently it has come to my attention that it might be a wise decision to starting using a landline while at home in order to save money. In the past it was cheaper to dump my landline but with magic Jack Plus it is now cheaper to add a home phone and drop to a cheaper mobile plan.

Magic Jack Plus is a VoIP phone service that allows you to make unlimited local and long distance calling for about $30 a year. You can’t beat that price anywhere and you can even take your line with you when traveling. While at home you make your calls through a regular phone and while out and about you make your calls through your computer

I will be using it as a home phone but if someone really wanted to they could use it just about anywhere thus making it somewhat of a mobile phone.

The magicJack Plus is especially awesome because there is virtually no difference between it and a regular phone line through an old school company such as AT&T. The only difference is that it costs less for 1 year service than it does for 1 month with an old school company.

If any of this sounds interesting to you I highly recommend you check out more information at This site has a ton of information and should really help you in deciding if this little gadget is right for you.


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