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October 19, 2008 / Marco

Jupiter Jack Spells End To Driving While On Your Cell Phone

Yesterday I was reading one of my favorite blogs and I found a post about a product called the Jupiter Jack. I think that the Jupiter Jack is a super cool idea and  if I drove I would get one for myself. The Jupiter Jack is an FM transmitter that you can hook up to your mobile phone in order to have your phone conversation come through your car speakers. All you do is set your mobile phone in the dashboard mount and hook the Jupiter Jack up to it with a simple adapter. Then you select a radio frequency for your Jupiter Jack and you are ready to go. If someone calls hit the answer button on your phone and tune your radio the proper station. Once you answer anything the person you are speaking to says will be heard by you through your stereo system. In order to talk back all you have to do is talk as if you were holding a regular conversation with someone in the car.

I think this is a super cool idea because it allows people to talk on their cell phones without having to hold their phone, deal with wires from traditional handsets, or even mess around with a wireless blue tooth headset. If the Jupiter Jack really does what it says it does then it should be a HUGE hit over the next few years.

Good Luck!


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