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September 5, 2008 / Marco

Nuance Releases TALKS 3.60.3

Although the Nuance TALKS page reflects no new releases as I’m writing this post, many dealer sites have been updated with news of the release of TALKS 3.60.3. According to the release notes, this is mainly a maintenance update for TALKS 3.52 which offers S60 FP2 support for handsets like the N78 and the 6220. TALKS 3.60.3 provides the following new features and bug fixes.

Automatic progress announcement

A new option in the advanced settings allows to activate automatic read-out of progress indicators, for progress bars (like during software installation), and while loading a web page (announcement of the data size that has been read so far). “For 5 seconds” is the default, same as for previous releases of TALKS. “Never” means that no progress read-out occurs. Otherwise, progress is checked in the set interval. This option can be found in the application-specific settings as well, allowing the user to define different progress announcement for any specific application.

List of symbols and edit menu

When pressing [*] while not typing a word with T9, a list of special symbols appears. The top row of this list can display the most recently used symbols, and it has not been read by previous releases of TALKS. For handsets that do not have an [Edit] key, or for newer firmware versions of handsets that have this key, pressing [*] or [Edit] brings up a list, allowing to choose from the most recently used symbols, choose from other symbols, and set the edit mode and language. All of these cases are now read properly by TALKS.

Improved support for Wayfinder Access

TALKS now reads the textual display of the map view in Wayfinder Access. This usually shows the name of the closest street, if GPS is active, and the user can move around using specific key commands, like 1 to move to all POI’s close to the current GPS position, the arrow keys (or 2, 4, 6, 8) to move into the corresponding direction. While this is of limited use for a fully blind person, a partially sighted user can use the map view with the new speech support to improve her/his orientation along a route, or at a given position. In addition to that, TALKS is offering better support by completely reading out long screen content, like for the Vicinity “Around you” feed view, where speech has been cut off in previous versions.

Other Improvements

  • TALKS now reads lists that previously could only be read by turning off “Read full list items” in the advanced settings.
  • Arabic: Fixed incorrect reading of calculator display when using Indic digits (e.g. on N95).
  • Arabic: Fixed random loss of characters on web pages.
  • Nokia 6110 Navigator: Added workaround to allow inputting text into fields in the web browser.
  • Nokia 6110 Navigator: Fixed crash in splash screen of Route66 with FW 4.22.
  • Changed TALKS key on E71 from [Shift] to [Chr], in line with E61 and E61i.
  • Fixed some possible application crashes when TALKS is enabled.
  • Fixed specific crashes when showing unknown objects in the Object Viewer.

If you want to download TALKS 3.60.3, use this URL. Release notes can also be downloaded by following this URL. These two downloads are provided by Talknav.


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