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September 4, 2008 / Marco

Talkonaut 4.15 Introduces Many New Features

If you are a fan of the free IM/VoIP S60 client, Talkonaut, you can now upgrade to its 4.15 release. Talkonaut 4.15 – which is almost incompatible with Symbian S60 screen readers – offers the following new features and bug fixes:

  • ZLib compression support added which allows to reduce IM chat and presence traffic by 7-10 times.
  • Status storing support.
  • Improved feel and look for graphical user interface.
  • Improved menu structure, frequently used features are now easily accessed through right soft-key.
  • Talkonaut is now translated to Polish, Chinese and Arabic languages.
  • Clipboard support for “copy” and “paste” features.
  • Support for Password-Protected conference rooms.
  • Support for nick change in conference rooms.
  • Real full JID is being displayed for conference room moderators.
  • Extended contact information is now available.
  • “Contacts” tab is not shown when “show groups” or “show IM groups” option is enabled.
  • Native ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and AIM -like sound notifications.
  • Long text support in chat input, allows to insert Enter character.
  • Some smilies were not properly shown (THUMB-UP).
  • Private chat contacts no longer appear in main roster.
  • Fixed vCard support.
  • Fixed calling from Google Talk to Talkonaut.
  • Improved voice quality for mVoIP calls.
  • Fixed SSL connection on Symbian.

Simply put, if Talkonaut supported Skype and were screen-reader compatible, it could be called the most feature-rich Symbian S60 VoIP/IM client.

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