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August 15, 2008 / Marco

Best TaskMan Updated to V2.02

While I was away, SmartphoneWare updated Best TaskMan to V2.02. This small update offers the following features:

  • The problem with Java applications (the program crashed when Quickstart or TaskSwitcher contained Java application) is fixed.
  • Crash on start (with some firmwares the program crashed when starting) is fixed.
  • “Kill application” command added.
  • Task switcher no longer hides “Menu” application.
  • TaskMan is no longer closed by system when out of memory.
  • When device keyboard is locked intercepted keys should be locked as well now.
  • Added shortcuts to views: 1 – Tasks, 2 – Memory,3 – Launcher, 4 – All tasks, 5 – Installed apps, 6 – Processes.
  • Now available in English, German, Russian and Chinese languages.

The only feature which I’d like to see implemented in Best TaskMan is a quasi-Windows Vista “search and locate” function – something available with Handy TaskMan.

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  1. christexaport / Aug 16 2008 9:00 pm

    I have no idea why you promote this for pay app. The best Symbian S60 task manager is not only far better than Best Taskman, its absolutely free!
    JBAK TASKMAN is the official task manager of the Symbian Freaks, and the best freeware application of any genre available. The retail offerings have been laid to rest versions ago.

  2. Amir / Aug 18 2008 1:11 am

    First, mentioning a product here doesn’t necessarily mean promoting it. Second, JBAK TASKMAN is a great task manager but it’s not accessible for the visually impaired. As a good policy, I often focus on accessible products here and all for-pay task managers are accessible. However, I’ll contact the developer of this free product to see what can be done about its accessibility.

  3. christexaport / Aug 21 2008 11:37 pm

    Amir, could you explain how this app adds accessibility to the visually impaired? And how JBak Taskman doesn’t? Email me if you like. I hadn’t heard of these features. I obviously overlooked a market need your mentioned app provides. Please elaborate…

  4. Amir / Sep 5 2008 1:25 am

    As you know, blind S60 handset owners rely on two screen readers to gain access to their handset features. One of them is “Nuance TALKS” and the other is “MobileSpeak”. These screen readers read the information which appears on the screen and in many circumstances announce other pieces of information like battery/signal strength/time/date upon pressing different hot keys. Now the problem with JbakTaskMan and these screen readers is that they cannot read JbakTaskMan’s screens and menus. For instance, if you go to JbakTaskMan and press “Key 1”, both screen readers remain silent. If you press Up/Down there, they still remain silent without reading the focused menu item/option. This is not the case with Handy Taskman/Best Taskman — all their settings and menus are read properly. This effectively prevents the visually impaired from using both JbakTaskMan and the powerful TXT reader/editor which is also being offered by JbakTaskMan’s developer.
    I don’t know what makes JbakTaskMan inaccessible from a technical/development point of view, but something should clearly change in the way it is developed.

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