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July 15, 2008 / Marco

Total Recall V3.0 is Out

Staying committed to its promise of releasing frequent application updates, Killer Mobile just released V3.0 of the feature-rich, cheap and user-friendly S60 audio recorder, Total Recall. The new release offers the following new features:

  • Improved clip saving options including Direct recording to gallery.
  • Improved controls when playing back clip on device.
  • Ability to copy multiple files to gallery in one attempt.
  • Alert dialog when recording is gone (except on the E50, E51, N81, N82, 6110 & 6120 devices).
  • List based recording filter.
  • Http based uploading both Manual from logs screen and with automatic upload – * Available with a FREE KM web user account for licensed users.
  • Improved naming convention for clip name.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

As a bonus, Killer Mobile offers a special, “Silent” version of Total Recall for S60 3rd Edition cell phones to registered users. This version doesn’t show up in the task manager or the installed apps folder, and is entirely hotkey + password accessed for completely silent operation (except for the E50, E51, N81, N82, 6110 and 6120 where a recording indicator screen will briefly appear). This version is only for registered users upon request.

If you’re looking for a $13.50 advanced audio recorder for your S60 smartphone and want to get rid of those pesky beeps, Total Recall is the best choice out there. Would it become capable of recording MP3 files one day? Who knows.


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