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July 9, 2008 / Marco

Mobile Speak 3.60 Brings Web Accessibility

Today Code Factory released V3.60 of its S60 screen reader, Mobile Speak for Symbian. The most conspicuous feature of this new release is its support for the web browser on 3rd Edition handsets. It also supports S60 9.2 and 9.3 smartphones. The list of new features and bug fixes follows.

New features:

  • Support for WEB browser on Symbian 9 phones.
  • Support for new 9.2 phones: 6124, E66, E71.
  • Support for new and upcoming 9.3 phones: 5320, 6210, 6220, N78, N96.
  • Symbian9: Nokia HQ voice’s speed can be controlled from Configure Mobile Speak now, and changed using Edit + 4/5.
  • Added Finnish Braille table.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed problem which could potentially cause MS to not function if the settings file became corrupted due to unexpected circumstances.
  • Fixed problem which could cause some versions of Route66 Navigation app to close when Mobile Speak is running (this occurred on latest firmware of 6110).
  • Symbian9: Fixed problem where Mobile Speak would sometimes not speak until a key is pressed when closing apps on some phones.
  • MS still speaks inside Configure Mobile Speak even if license has expired.
  • Symbian9: Fixed problem with Magnifier which affected some devices when rotating screen.


  • Symbian9: Integrated MS with Mobile Daisy Player.

Use this download wizard to get Mobile Speak for Symbian 3.60. In my opinion, Code Factory is doing a great job by releasing Mobile Speak for Symbian on a regular and user-predictable basis.

Related Info: Mobile Speak to support Nokia web browser soon


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