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June 30, 2008 / Marco

Win a Resco News License by Talking about Your Needs

If you’re wondering whether or not Resco News can fulfill your RSS-related needs, if you’ve read my comprehensive review of this application, or if you’re simply trialing it by comparing its features with those of its rivals, you can win a free Resco News license by talking about the features you want to see incorporated into its future releases. What has prevented you from switching to Resco News? What doesn’t allow it to compete with its siblings? Is it user-friendly or complicated? Does it display something which turns you down? Use the “Comments” section of this article to send your opinion, criticism and feature requests.

Three Resco News licenses are up for grabs – courtesy of Resco, and the deadline is Friday, July 18th. You can also send your feature requests in separate comments as you continue working with the application over the 14-day trial. The winners will be announced on Tuesday, July 22nd. This is a good deal, isn’t it?

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  1. Hamish / Jul 2 2008 3:58 am

    Hi Amir

    The RSS application looks like a great one from first impressions. dont worry about entering me for the free version if I like it I will happily pay for it. Initial views after about 15 minutes are good but I will play some more and get back to you with some more comments after a better test drive. I would be interested in your labelled graphics as I do understand how to do the graphics labelling what I am struggling to come up with in my own head is what to label the graphics, such as read updated etc so I would be interested in what you have done. If you want to send me through your graphics file that would be great. Take care and keep up the good work.



  2. Karl Kaefer / Jul 9 2008 2:25 am


    first of all, the reason why I downloaded the trial is that I can update my RSS-feeds online. I also use the MobiReader so that is really an advantage of RN.

    Unfortunately I have some point of which some are really disturbing for me. Look at the points below. Btw I’m testing RN on a Nokia E90.

    1.) RN doesn’t seem to be that stable in the 1.24-release. Updating my feeds often results in a crash of the application. Same thing happens with a friend of mine who also uses RN on his E90. The crash usually takes place after having updated a few feeds but starting RN anew gives me usually a full update.

    2.) some of my feeds, like:
    just give me the title of an article but not the content. I have to go online with the web browser by pressing “Read full story”. That is very uncomfortable and not really acceptable for me. MobiReader always delivers the full article. That is one of the reasons I’m using RSS-Readers: I want to read articles while being offline. Right now that is not possible with RN as far as I looked for some feeds like the above examples. I would like to have an option to enable downloading the full article.

    3.) nice is the feature to categorize the channels. Unfortunately this categorization is not taken over into the subscribed-view, so having subscribed to lots of channels I again have to scroll and search for the channel I’m looking for. I would like to have some kind of persistence where my configured categorization is taken over to the subscribed view since I had a reason to categorize in the first place anyway.

    4.) the gui isn’t really nice on my E90. Fonts (in the main window, not the article itself) can’t be configured as well as Colors. Interesting would also be a fullscreen-mode. The GUI should be really made more configurable.

    Other than those points I really like RN and hopefully Resco gives us an update corrected those issues (at least in my hopes).


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