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June 21, 2008 / Marco

Weekend Glance: How to Avoid Product Leaks which Affect Nokia

Many of us have become delighted to hear the news of the upcoming availability of Nokia N96, Nokia N78, Nokia N82, Nokia E71, Nokia E66, and so on. In most instances we are already aware of handset specs before they reach the market. Some even manage to find pictures of these so-called prototypes and make their buying decisions based on how the new product would compete against existing ones. So far so good, isn’t it?

As Nokia views it, the situation is so dire that Charlie – a senior Nokia employee – has decided to talk about it in the public. “There is no doubt, now that the product has been launched officially, that the Nokia E71 takes the crown as the most leaked product I have ever known at Nokia,” says Charlie. Product leaks aren’t extraordinarily new; however, they don’t hit other companies – like Apple and LG – the way they put a damper on Nokia’s product announcements. As Charlie puts it, product leaks can stem from dumb moves on the part of the company, broken non-disclosure agreements, maybe some thievery, and possibly someone with best wishes who wants to make people gravitate toward Nokia.

The downsides are obvious: generation of misperceptions or frustration as a result of seeing a non-finished product, missed marketing and partnership opportunities and angry bloggers who feel disappointed. Nokia wants to balance openness and privacy without desensitizing its fans. Do you think it’s possible? If so, read the article and post your comments there.

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  1. Polo / Jul 21 2008 3:09 am

    Well, it could be also a form of viral marketing before the release of iPhone. So on one hand this is sure not a good idea to leave all the eggs in the hallway, but iPhone has such an amazing publicity that when Nokia E71 comes out (even thought slighlily different target market) it would be overshadowed by iPhone hype. So this is kind of a way of telling people, hey, wait, don’t buy the iPhone, we are coming out with a hot gadget that is not an iPhone. And that message would be directed towards E61, E61i, E62, E70 users, Blackberry users, who (often teck-savvy and early buyers) could be possibly eyeing the iPhone (after it added Exchange etc). So while Nokia doesn’t have (by far) the skills to do the publicity and showmanship (Nokia is a “proper” company with creative minds bit little sex-appeal, if I can put it that way) it is in a way doing the same thing – but not in form of a Show, but in form of whisper going around and viral marketing. Which is OK and can be highly effective, if you a) can control the message 2) the message is fact and final product will meet or exceed the (already) exciting news in the (viral) message.

    Nokia has been notoriouly bad with North-American-style marketing skills. It’s time they hire someone here. They are doing it so badly here that hiring someome who can’t turn things over can’t make things any worse then they are now.

    Perhaps Nokia can benefit from iPhone. Although Apple has a little market share, it has lots of power to excercise (kind of tail wacks the dog thing). Normally Phone manufacturers are dependent on what providers want (and not consumers in N.A. want) – and given the indepennt personality of Nokia company and the character of the market outside of N.A. it is no wonder Nokia didn’t bow to providers in N.A . Obviously they didn’t take Nokia’s gadgets unless heavily modified.

    Nokia hasn’t skill to do down-to-up marketing (see Rogers changed its price plans for iPhone after 10-20,000 Rogers customers revolted). But since the Apple has strength to wack the providers, the landscape might change here in general, so this might be beneficial for everybody. Let’s hope so it doesn’t end up here.

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