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June 6, 2008 / Marco

Productivity is the Key to their Success: an Interview with SmartphoneWare’s Content Manager

I’m sure you have heard the company name SmartphoneWare and many of you use at least one of their applications on your cellular phones. After all, here we’re dealing with a company which has about 24 applications for Symbian S60 3rd Edition handsets – not counting their products for other mobile platforms. What you read below is my interview with SmartphoneWare’s content manager, Ms. Simkovska. If you also want to win a SmartphoneWare S60 application license, consider commenting on this interview. Your comment might be in any form – suggestion, feedback of any type, the SmartphoneWare application(s) you like , and so on. This time we have four winners, and the winners will select the S60 application they want. I suggest that you take a close look at SmartphoneWare’s S60 applications or try them first. The deadline is Tuesday July 1st, so don’t miss the chance!

Q: Please talk about yourself and the position you hold at SmartphoneWare.

A: I’m Inga Simkovska and work as SmartphoneWare’s content manager ever since the company was founded.

Q: When was SmartphoneWare founded?

A: SmartphoneWare was officially founded in 2005, but our team appeared on the Symbian market during Psion times. For those who might not know, Psion was a Symbian ancestor and when Symbian emerged with its third Nokia communicator, we were among the very first companies to offer different products for this platform. At the end of 2005 SymbianWare – the company for which I worked – was split into two companies, and one of them was SmartphoneWare. We produce a wide range of applications for Symbian, UIQ and Windows Mobile platforms. We are located in Odessa, Ukraine.

Q: As a company which is active in the field of mobile applications including the Symbian S60 operating system, what is your mission?

A: Our mission is the enhancement of the functionality of the devices for which we develop different applications. Through our applications, we want Symbian and non-Symbian devices to be integrated into the everyday lives of our customers. Our aim is to provide people with the highest and the most cost-effective level of customer support.

Q: Do you have offices outside Ukraine?

A: No, but we deliver our products through our partners all over the world.

Q: How many developers do you have for your Symbian S60 products?

A: We have four developers for the S60 platform, but for the Symbian OS in general we have six engineers.

Q: You use the word “Best” to name many of your products like Best Birthday, Best Blacklist, Best FSCaller, Best Jotter, Best Profiles and Best Taskman. Do you yourself believe that they are the best Symbian applications for handset owners?

A: I most certainly hope so! Seriously, I believe that it’s not the name of our products which turn them into best-sellers on the market, it’s the functionality of our applications which complement one another on hundreds of mobile devices.

Q: Which mobile operating system do you think has the potential to transform the future of computing?

A: Currently the S60 platform is the best OS available to developers and users, and this is quite evident if you take a look at the smartphones which make use of it. However, recent smartphones which are powered by Windows Mobile are feature-rich handsets, so we should also keep an eye on this platform. The right combination of an operating system and powerful hardware components is the key to the future of mobile computing, and both operating systems have the potential to play a vital role in this process.

Q: Please name your best-sellers in the S60 3rd Edition category.

A: Well, some of them are Best Full Screen Caller, Best Timer, Best Call Recorder, Best Blacklist, and Best Profiles.

Q: Do you have any free applications for S60 3rd Edition handsets?

A: Of course. Both Best Screen Snap and Best Torch are free apps for S60 3rd Edition handsets and we also have free applications for other platforms.

Q: What do you think is unique among your offerings – something which is both useful and absent among your competitors’ products?

A: I believe Tracker – my favorite – is a unique application. It’s a fully customizable Desktop-like application. You can put notes, applications, contacts, speed dials and so forth on its desktop interface for easier and quicker access. You can assign hot keys for everything in this application, and it also has a built-in task manager, app switcher, app launcher, recently accessed view and imported items view. It’s more of an organizer.

Q: Let me switch to other applications. Do you have any plans to make Best Call Recorder and Best Dictaphone capable of recording audio files?

A: It’s already in our to-do list, and hopefully we’ll release these apps with MP3-recording capabilities soon.

Q: What about Best TaskMan? Any plans for making it capable of launching installed applications by just typing the first few letters of their names, something like what Windows Vista does?

A: This is in our to-do list for the next TaskMan update, too.

Q: How can people contact you in case they have suggestions and bug reports?

A: Everyone can send their feedback of any sort to and all suggestions and bug reports will be passed to the developers.

Q: Anything I might have missed?

A: No, it was quite comprehensive. Thanks for providing me with the opportunity to talk about SmartphoneWare here. My thanks are also to our users who have supported us over the past few years.



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  1. Steve Hyde-Dryden / Jun 17 2008 1:14 pm

    After reading this interview, I feel more empowered to try out some of these applications. I have tried some in the past from a variety of vendors and had little success. Smart Phoneware sounds like a company with the interests of the user at the forefront. As a user of the adaptive talks package, I’ve always been a little warey of trying out different third party progs, I think I’ve just been persuaded to be a little more adventurous!

    Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  2. Christopher Hallsworth / Jun 17 2008 1:16 pm

    I briefly tried Best Dictaphone, and I thought it was good as a call recorder. However, I’d like to see the ability for the beeps to be turned on and off during a call. I realize however that some states require permission before recording a conversation, but I know in this country, the United Kingdom, we don’t require this. Thanks in advance, and I look forward to win a copy of this programme!

  3. Lisa Warner / Jun 17 2008 1:30 pm

    I loved the interview. It really told a lot and made me want to buy software from this company. Great job!!!

  4. Lisa Warner / Jun 17 2008 1:31 pm

    this was just a great interview. Hugs!

  5. Sina Bahram / Jun 17 2008 4:40 pm

    Good interview, keep up the great work. I feel interested to go check out some of these other products detailed in the article now.

  6. John Kolwick / Jun 17 2008 8:31 pm

    I have not used these products but they sound interesting and rather useful. Another interesting take is how the Solviet Union has changed, not to many years ago a company such as this would not have been possible nor to sell products throughout the world. How things have changed. Good luck!

  7. Vincent / Jun 17 2008 10:33 pm

    Hi Amir,

    Good interview very nice to bring those companys to our attention.
    I found your blog to be very informative and well written.

    A application that smartfone ware produces that I particularley like, is best taskman.

    Anyway: keep up the grate work.

  8. Tewai Halatau / Jun 18 2008 4:49 am

    Hi. Until now, I have not been very adventurous about using other apps on my N95, but a number of the ones sound very useful, such as the dictaphone. A friend has recently bought a small dictaphone, even though he has an N95, so I think such apps mean doing more things simply with such a smart phone. Your intereview has opened up more possibilities. Cheers.

  9. Dean Adams / Jun 18 2008 12:23 pm

    I need your products to be compatable with talks a screen reader for symbian mobile phones which makes my life much easier

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