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June 5, 2008 / Marco

Hi-N-Bye – the only Shaker on my Nokia N82 Cell Phone

As you know, many applications have been developed to take advantage of the built-in accelerometer which ships with the N82 and all members of the N95 family. However, I just make heavy use of one of them on my Nokia N82 because this is the only app whose shaking-based functions I like. KEYnetik’s Hi-N-Bye allows me to answer incoming calls and finish conversations by performing two familiar and classic answering/rejecting gestures. Furthermore, I can activate or deactivate the loudspeaker and switch between two calls by simply shaking the handset. Not only is Hi-N-Bye fully customizable, it is also compatible with Symbian screen readers. It can auto-start as soon as the phone starts, and this behavior can be customized by users, too. I can define the time length after which Hi-n-Bye gets temporarily disabled as soon as someone calls so as to save battery power. The nice point about this application is that it has almost no effect on your power consumption even when it is adjusted to control all calls without any time limitations. One important note: don’t forget to select the “Save settings” option after modifying any settings or you’ll lose all modified settings as the program restarts. Don’t forget to download and install the accelerometer plug-in before installing Hi-N-Bye because Hi-N-Bye won’t start otherwise.

The functionality of this application is enhanced if it becomes capable of handling missed calls and received SMS messages. For instance, it would be cool to move to the “Missed calls” tab sheet or move to Inbox by just shaking the phone, and return to the Standby window by means of another shake. The application costs €5.99.


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