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May 6, 2008 / Marco

Nokia Headlines Launched, Supplanting Nokia Channels

If you’re wondering what the next Nokia’s foray would be, do give Nokia Headlines a try. It is similar to an RSS reader optimized for easier reading and navigation on Nokia handsets. If the service grows and a good number of contributors join it, it might very well become one of the applications Nokia offers with Nseries cell phones and Eseries smartphones. Nokia Headlines which replaces Nokia Channels has the following new features.

  • New name and icon: Headlines.
  • If the battery level drops below 14%, the intelligent content background updater stops automatically.
  • After reboot background updater starts automatically.
  • Publication content packages are stored to memory card when available.
  • Possibility to offer “preinstalled” publications.
  • Add content item added to Option menu in My content view.
  • Possibility to fetch advertisements from publisher’s own Ad serving platform.

Important fixes:

  • Memory leakage fixed when browsing back and forth on headline tabs.
  • Memory full notification fixed.
  • Minor UI fixes in All content and My content views.

I’ve not yet tested the compatibility of the application with Symbian screen readers, but I’ll report my findings here. I wish it can replace Google Reader for handset owners one day!



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  1. Amir / May 13 2008 12:28 am

    The app isn’t compatible with Symbian screen readers at all, so it’s not recommended for visually impaired users. Grrr!!!

  2. Mark / Aug 17 2008 8:26 pm

    Do you know of an accessible RSS reader that allows good offline access to a story *and* can open the web page if required.
    I’ve tried a few RSS readers, none of which seem to offer offline access to the story (other than just the headline), but do at least enable me to click through to the online web page for the story.
    I’ve tried one app called NewsCopier, which does provide very limited offline access, using the Talks Object Viewer, but does not provide a way to click through to the online story web page.

  3. COCO / Mar 31 2009 9:41 pm

    Hello, Nokia Headlines is not in use now.But I’ve searched for a long time to find a good rss reader. I’ve found 2 rss readers very usefull.First : Mobispine (freeware) who is very actractive,with pictures…,you could add your own rss or/and select a theme. I use it every day.And the second : Resco News (shareware) more professionnal.Try them and you’ll see.

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