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May 6, 2008 / Marco

My Ideal Nokia E90 Communicator Cell Phones Successor

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about buying an E90 Communicator. As a Symbian S60 heavyweight, the E90 allows us to take advantage of its built-in QWERTY keyboard, WLAN capabilities and GPS chip. It also provides A2DP, a powerful 1500 battery, a MiniUSB port, and high-quality stereo speakers. Nonetheless, I just decided to hold off until another Eseries handset comes out to address the following issues.

  • The E90 doesn’t come with a 3.5 mm audio jack, meaning I can’t use my wired headphones with it. Given its rather hefty price tag, I think this should have been added.
  • The E90’s display firmly touches the keypad when the handset is closed. I’m a bit concerned about the damage this might inflict on the display, and am wondering why Nokia engineers didn’t elevate the rubber cushions in the corners of the lid to avoid this.
  • The E90 doesn’t come with the small charger which you get with the N82 and the Nokia N95. The E90 would become a much more portable communicator if it had a miniaturized charger.
  • The E90 doesn’t have a physical camera lens protector/shutter, and I don’t want to see the precious 3.2-mp camera lens damaged.
  • Last but not least, the E90 has been out for almost a year and I’m afraid Nokia might introduce its successor shortly after I get mine.

Do you think my reasons are valid, or am I being too picky by ignoring the myriad capabilities of the E90 and focusing on these shortcomings?



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  1. Amir / May 6 2008 1:17 pm

    Thanks, Vaibhav, for your excellent analysis and recommendations. I guess I should take another look at the E90 with your points in mind. Also, I can avoid the issue of “wired headphones” as these days I make heavy use of my Nokia stereo bluetooth headsets.

  2. Amir / Jun 20 2008 6:38 pm

    These are all good reasons to purchase the E90, but I have two more issues to resolve. First, I’m not sure how the E90 performs when recording audio via ALON Mp3 Dictaphone. On the N82 it offers 22 combinations of sample rates and on the E51 it is 11. Moreover, the N82 microphone is simply awsome. Second, I’m a bit concerned about what Nokia might introduce in the near future. If Nokia comes up with the true E90 successor in, say, 3 months, I’ll have spent money on a so-called past-generation handset by getting the E90.

  3. Tony / Jul 16 2008 9:05 pm

    I have had the E90 for about six months now and while it is a good phone, but I have a few bug-bears:

    The battery is terrible; considering the phone is supposed to be a work tool, if you use it for work, it’ll be dead by lunch time! If I listen to music on the way to work, make 45 minutes of calls and work on the web for an hour, it will be dead by 2pm. I need a charger at work and at home, otherwise it’s pointless.

    The email client is a little cludgy, but the real problem is the last of native HTML support. I use RoadSync, which works perfectly, but it doesn’t interface with ther clients, such as Profimail, so the lack of HTML is a problem.

    The performance of the CPU is ok, but could do with a bit of a boost. However, if they do, the battery will go even quicker!

    The camera is very, very slow…..but then all the Nokia camera are.

    It hangs too often; I went away from MSMobile to avoid this, but to no avail

    The web browser is really quite poor. It has some nice features, but it’s lack of support for ActiveX, Flash and a ton of picture formats leaves many websites simply not working. Very annoying. Plus, you can’t copy and paste! I have tried Opera, but it still doesn’t recognise the multi-direction button! :o~

    The BlueTooth receiver is not the most powerful in the world, lacking against the HTC offerings which I’ve used before and tested back to back.

    Other little things are annoying, such as some applications written for Symbian S603rd, which work on the N95 and you would assume therefore would work on the E90 don’t! An good example is the Sky Remote Record app.

    All in all, a good phone, a little big, but I’ll forgive it for its lovely screen, but lacking that edge to make it a class leader.

    If nothing, fix the battery, please!

  4. Amir / Jul 17 2008 1:37 am

    Mega thanks, Tony, for your comprehensive comment — it could have very well formed a review article. I’ve not yet migrated to the E90, but I guess I’d wait till the E90 successor reaches consumers.

  5. Ammar / Oct 4 2008 8:04 pm

    Nokia dont give us a successor for comunicators each year…its each 3 years so i think u will wait for years till u can get the next communicator in yr hand.

    But if u want the next Eseries then wait and patiently.

    My next Communicator should have:
    1. Built in Mass storage 80GB (specially if its launched on 2010).
    2. (4.5′ inch) with 1240×480 pixel screen.
    3. (3.5mm) headset.
    4. The E90 is fast enough,but if its faster it will be a nice bonus.
    5. The Web browser must (repeat) must support more Java script ..i cant buy another Comunicator and surf Facebook on the modified WAP version.
    6. The web browser should download any file type.
    7.The outer screen and Camera dont need more development or the price will be more than 1500$…if they develpo it for free then i will appreciate it (Funny??).
    8. Re positioning of the soft keys…i want it near the D-PAd..and by the way i want the N81 Wheele….anyone wanna buy my Laptop?

  6. Gra 'n Sue / Nov 7 2008 2:50 am

    Also it MUST have a touch screen!

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