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May 4, 2008 / Marco

WRINKLES: Close Hidden Applications

If you think you can trust the built-in Nokia task manager to make sure no application is running in the background, you’re wrong. In many instances the Task Manager displays only one application, “Standby”, in its window. However, it fails to show the applications which are apparently closed when you exit them. The Contacts application and the Log application both remain open in the memory even when you think they’re closed. For instance, if you press the Call key in the “Standby” window to activate the log application and then press “Key 2” to close it, the app name doesn’t appear in the standard task manager but the app itself remains in the memory.

To close such applications and retrieve your precious RAM, use a third-party application like Epocware Handy Taskman. Of course, this is not much of an issue with newer S60 FP1 handsets which are equipped with demand paging such as the N82 and the N95 8GB, but taking a look at the alternative task manager these applications offer is a sign of wisdom.

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