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May 1, 2008 / Marco

The App. Manager Needs an Overhaul

It’s true that the Symbian S60 operating system has come of age over the past couple of years; however, not all areas of the OS enjoy the same degree of maturity. For instance, the App. Manager has remained pretty much unaltered. With handsets like the N73 and the N80, one had to wait for ages in order for the App. Manager to open, and this has improved with FP1 handsets such as the N81, the N82 and the N95. This improvement aside, the App. Manager on the N82 resembles its sibling on, say, Nokia 6630.

How should it be modernized?

First and foremost, the list of applications inside the App. Manager should appear in the alphabetical order. The users should also be allowed to alter the appearance based on other factors such as “installation date”, “application size” and “extension type”, e.g., SIS vs. JAR. Second, the application list should become navigable by typing the first letter of the desired application. It’s a headache to move up and down in the whole application list to pinpoint a specific program. Third, it would be a handy feature to be able to password-protect the App. Manager, especially if your concern is the protection of your application. And last but not least, the App. Manager should be enhanced so that it can display the application list more quickly. If, for instance, you open the App. Manager on an FP2 handset, go to the Settings window and close it, it would take few seconds for the App. Manager to re-gain focus. Anyhow, what else do you think can be done to make using the App. Manager a smoother experience?


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