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April 29, 2008 / Marco

Scheherazade Updated to V1.01

When version 1.0 of Scheherazade was released few weeks ago, I decided not to talk about it here because I was thinking that a free application like this would seldom receive updates. However, I think I was wrong as I just saw V1.01 of this application.

Scheherazade for S60 is a handy app which has been developed to make listening to audio books and podcasts easier. This free application is totally accessible, too, and I use it on my N82 daily. The following is the changelog.

Version 1.01:

  • Resume playing after call: Scheherazade will resume playing if a call interrupts playing, there will be a rewind (by default 30 seconds, user can change this from settings menu) to let user remember the story after the distraction of a call.
  • Voice tagging: user can start recording their voice by pressing and holding “5” on phone, recording will stop by releasing the key. This feature is disabled by default and user needs to enable it from the settings menu to start using it.
  • Smooth rewind/forward: pressing and holding the left/right or 4/6 keys results a smooth backward/forward.
  • Full support for Unicode file names. special thanks to Lena Kragelund (Livia) for helping with tests.


  • Drag and listen design, no conversion to weird formats or index files needed.
  • Just create an “Audiobooks” folder in your memory card (or phone memory) and drag your audiobooks to it.
  • You can delete parts that you’ve already listened to, in order to free up some space.
  • Remembers your listening position separately for each book/podcast.
  • Multi level directories for each book (supports Book/Chapter/file or more levels of directories).
  • Supports single file books/podcasts, just copy the file to Audiobooks folder on your phone.
  • Short rewind/forward by pressing left and right keys, default period is 20 seconds, adjustable by selecting Settings menu.
  • Long rewind/forward by pressing 4and 6 keys, default period is 60 seconds, adjustable from Settings menu.
  • Rewind can take listening position to previous chapter if it is at the beginning of a file, likewise forward can take it to next chapter.
  • Pressing 7 and 9 keys will take the listener to previous and next chapters.
  • Check for new versions.
  • OK key acts as play/pause. There is a rewind on pause effect helping the listener to remember the story next time play is pressed. The auto rewind on pause is 5 seconds by default and can be changed from settings.
  • File progress bar on the top of the screen indicates listening position in the current file.
  • Total progress bar on the bottom of screen indicates listening position relative to the book.
  • Can play any file format the phone plays, this by default includes “.wav”, “.mp3, “.m4b”, “.m4a”, “.wma”, “.amr” and “.acc”.
  • Other formats can be added by installing the MMFs, for example “.awb” and “.flac”.


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  1. Jonathan Mosen / Apr 29 2008 11:04 pm

    Hi Amir, This is a really cool app and I have been using it since it came out. The one problem I have had with it, is that if you have multiple files in the one folder, you don’t get speech when you arrow through the file names. Have you experienced this, and did they fix that in the update?

  2. Amir / Apr 30 2008 12:01 am

    Hello Jonathan. Strangely enough, I didn’t see this bug with the first Scheherazade release. I currently have two single-chapter books and a two-chapter book in the AudioBooks folder, and Nuance TALKS reads the name of all files as I press Up/Down in the “Select a book” dialog. Of course, I can’t tell if the same can be said about Mobile Speak.
    Speaking of bugs, I just noticed that if I press “9” to move to the next chapter in a multi-chapter book and then press “Left” to return to the previous chapter and listen to the last 20 or so seconds of it, audio playback stops and the application should be closed/restarted in order for it to resume.

  3. Jonathan Mosen / Apr 30 2008 3:20 am

    That’s really odd Amir. I am also using Talks, with no special settings, and I get no speech at all when arrowing through the files. The same happens with 1.01 of the player.

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