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April 17, 2008 / Marco

Best Safe Updated to V2.00

SmartphoneWare just updated yet another application to V2.00, and this time it’s Best Safe’s turn to make its users happy. Best Safe for S60 3rd Edition handsets allows you to protect your sensitive data and is quite handy for the security-conscious. The new release offers these new features and bug fixes.

  • Now all application views support dynamic screen size change (rotation) correctly.
  • The problem with some cards view previously leading to a crash (wrong buffer size calculation) is fixed.
  • Now the folder selection dialog shows folders in the same order as in the main view.
  • The problem with closing Edit card dialog when application loses focus is fixed.
  • Card view: possibility to show menu by joystick button press is added.
  • Note/card name generation to be displayed in the main view is changed. It gets the first line from the note/card and cuts the leading spaces now.
  • Search results view: deleting note by pressing “C” key is added.
  • Displaying incorrect icons in select template view is fixed.
  • The problem with searching in large notes/cards is fixed.
  • Symbian Signed.
  • Now available in English and Russian languages.
  • Edit note view changes:
    • Last line (partial) drawing is fixed.
    • Copy/Cut/Paste commands are added.
    • Font size selection is added.
    • Possibility to change appearance is added (Skin based or black/white).
  • Security changes:
    • The problem with some cards’ invisibility after password changes is fixed.
    • Change password is transaction based now. If something goes wrong during the operation the whole operation is rolled back.
    • Password setup is in Unicode now (no more problems when you type password in Cyrillic, Chinese, etc).
    • The application behavior when you try to set up an empty password is fixed.
  • Export/import changes:
    • Export/import is completely made over with various fixes.
    • Export/import data is in Unicode now (no more problems when you have data entered in Cyrillic, Chinese, etc).
    • Export/import is now transaction based – if something goes wrong during the operation the whole operation is rolled back.
    • The problem with buffer allocation when importing large cards is fixed.
    • Delete all data command is added.

    As you see, many of the new features and fixes are similar to the ones found in Best Jotter 2.00.


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