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April 12, 2008 / Marco

How to Finish Updating Your Cell Phone Firmware Using Windows XP

As you might guess, today I managed to update my N82 firmware using Windows XP Service Pack 2. However, I didn’t download the whole firmware anew – I used the files I’d downloaded via NSU on Windows Vista. A couple of days ago I reported that the newly released Nokia Software Updater (NSU) doesn’t function properly on Vista for many users. If, upon updating your firmware on Windows Vista, NSU downloads the whole firmware but consistently fails to move it to your handset due to the “Nokia Server Layer” crash which results in NSU displaying something like “15 minutes left”, you can do the following to avoid re-downloading all firmware-related files while using NSU on Windows XP.

  • 1. Make sure you can view hidden files on both machines which run Windows XP SP2 or above and Windows Vista.
  • 2. On your Windows Vista, assuming it’s installed on your C: drive, go to the following directory:
    • C:\Program Data\Nokia\Nokia Service Layer\A\
  • 3. Copy the following folder which contains your recently downloaded firmware-related files to a safe location:
    • nsl_service_module_00001
    • Of course, this is the name I get with my N82 firmware, and yours might or might not be different. Also, you can copy this folder to a flash drive or a CD because you should later use it on your XP machine.
  • 4. Go ahead and install both Nokia PC Suite and the latest release of Nokia Software Updater on your XP machine.
  • 5. Having restarted your Windows XP, move the “nsl_service_module_00001” folder to the following directory, assuming Windows XP is installed on the C: drive:
    • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Nokia\Nokia Service Layer\A
  • 6. Having made sure your smartphone is fully recharged, establish a connection between your handset and the PC Suite using the “USB cable” option on your XP computer.
  • 7. Run Nokia Software Updater, follow the prompts, and your handset firmware will be updated in a few minutes without having to redownload the necessary firmware files.

With these steps, Nokia Software Updater first indicates that it needs 15 minutes to finish updating the handset firmware, but this time will change to 5, 4 and 3 minutes in a short while. The important point is that you should make sure you have the very latest Nokia Software Updater release on your XP machine, or the redownload/reinstallation process will most likely remove the firmware files. If you need the latest NSU release, use this URL to get the US English build. Needless to say, the NSU language should match your Windows language. To download a proper NSU release for your Windows, check here.

Finally, an upside of this semi-manual update process is that you can update the handset firmware for whatever smartphone whose necessary files you have fairly quickly – just keep your firmware files, move them to the proper folder on Windows XP and update the suitable handset with that firmware release. I finished updating another N82 firmware this way in just 5 minutes. Hope Nokia fixes the newly introduced NSU incompatibility issues with Vista soon.

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  1. Armond Sooksians / Apr 18 2008 4:42 am

    Nokia Software Updater setup will install the latest Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver and Nokia Flashing Cable Driver on your computer. If you only want to update your phone, Installing Nokia PC Suite is not a requirement.

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