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April 7, 2008 / Marco

Come to Know Handy Taskman 2.0 a Bit Better

A while ago Epocware released V2.0 of Handy Taskman, but I couldn’t download it from the Epocware web site as it wasn’t available there. Consequently, I was forced to stay with its V1.06. Yesterday I checked the Epocware web site and found Handy Taskman 2.0 for Nokia N82. I then downloaded and installed it as avidly as I could, and here are my findings.

What’s new?

Like before, Handy Taskman 2.0 starts automatically as the phone reboots. You will, however, find this new release on the main menu located in the Handy folder. I’m not sure if all new releases of Epocware products are placed in the Handy folder, but the use of a company-dedicated folder rather than the Applications folder is a welcome change.

As you press and hold down the Menu key, Handy Taskman displays your open applications. However, with the release of V2.0 it can display both running and recently accessed applications in its first tab sheet. This is to help you access recently closed applications more easily and provides a convenient way of reopening them. Personally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of this new feature; as a consequence, I modified it by pressing “Key 1”, selecting “Settings”, and pressing Select on the second Settings item which is: “Task list — Running and recent.” This changes it to “Running tasks.”

In passing, the first Settings item allows you to modify what you see in the application “main view” as it gains focus. It can be set to start with the task list, the favorites list or the view which was active before sending it to the background.

The second application tab sheet, called “Favorites”, helps you add frequently used programs for easier access. You can also add contact names to this tab sheet if you want to call them or send them SMS messages from within the Handy Taskman application. This can be achieved by pressing “Key 1”, going to the “Add” submenu and selecting one of the following items:

  • Application,
  • Call,
  • New SMS.

Needless to say, each added item can also be removed from the list if desired one by one. If you use Nuance TALKS&ZOOMS screen reader, you can label the icon for the items you add for calls and SMS messages. The items which get added under the “Application” name don’t have a distinct icon.

Other Handy Taskman features aren’t new in the sense that they are also present in older releases. As a quick reminder and a finale to this post, you can find and activate any desired application in Handy Taskman by typing the first few letters of its name and then pressing “Select” on it. For this quasi-Windows Vista feature to function, you need not activate the “Lookup and start” menu item – it can be done inside each tab sheet too.

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