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April 1, 2008 / Marco

Turn Your S60 Cell Phone Handset into a True Voice Answering Machine via PhonePilot 2.20

Having seen handsets such as the Nokia N95 and the Nokia N82 in full swing, you might think it’s now a good time to turn your S60 3rd Edition handset into a mature voice answering machine. That doesn’t seem to be a bad idea specially if you take into account the fact that sound recorders for the S60 platform have come a long way. For instance, ALON MP3 Dictaphone can record MP3 files and use this feature for phone calls, too. Also, it can record MP3 files with high sample rates on many Nseries handsets and omit the annoying beeps upon recording calls. Other applications such as Killer Mobile Total Recall can remove beeps in spite of the fact that they can’t record in MP3 – just in WAV and AMR.

However, that hasn’t been the case with S60 answering machine applications for a couple of reasons. First, they tend to limit users to the universal but pretty old AMR format even when, from a technical point of view, S60 handsets can record high-quality WAV and MP3 files. Second, none of them can remove the pesky beeps handsets insert into recorded sounds.

This, fortunately, just changed with the release of Mobisophy PhonePilot V2.20. The new update offers the following features:

  • Compatibility with Fring: you can use PhonePilot and Fring at the same time.
  • Lossless no beep call recording.
  • Voicemails and call conversations can be recorded in AMR or WAV format, and their location can be in phone memory or memory card.
  • All voicemails and recorded call conversations are stored under “Sounds” directory. You can use Nokia PC Suite to copy them or send them to PCs or other phones through Bluetooth, Infrared or MMS.
  • Weekly scheduler.

Although the loss less beep recording feature isn’t available with all S60 3rd Edition handsets, all Nseries handsets and top Eseries handsets such as the E90 support it, and the program records beepless sounds by default. For the handsets which cannot support lossless/beepless recording (such as E51, the 5700 and the 6120c), the application automatically uses another method of removing beeps at the expense of cutting out a fraction of the conversation every now and then. Also, PhonePilot 2.2 supports WAV recording albeit with a low sample rate. For those who want to know what PhonePilot does, I should add the following descriptive notes:

  • It integrates all popular call control features on the market, including: black/white list filter, call diverter, answering machine and auto SMS responder.
  • It provides unlimited time, no beep call recorder for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • It has flexible, unlimited profiles to define different call handling methods for different situations.
  • It offers weekly or daily schedules to activate different profiles automatically.

Finally, you might find it interesting to know that neither WebGate VoiceInbox nor the more comprehensive Killer Mobile AutoPilot offers beepless recording or WAV support. Worst of all, Killer Mobile AutoPilot never plays my prerecorded greeting before recording the callers’ voice message; As a consequence, Mobisophy PhonePilot is the best application of its sort at the moment with its $19.95 price tag. It also offers a 7-day trial.



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  1. Mia / Apr 2 2008 10:16 pm

    I got a 404 error from the PhonePilot link.

  2. Amir / Apr 3 2008 5:17 am

    This is a problem with the Mobisophy web site. In fact, if you go to
    you’ll notice that many of the product URLs which have been placed there have the same problem.

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