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March 30, 2008 / Marco

Best Crypto Updated to V2.00

If you are a security-conscious S60 3rd Edition handset owner and want to protect your sensitive files, you might want to give SmartphoneWare’s Best Crypto a try. It’s designed to provide a very secure protection level for just any kind of file and uses both the highly strong industry-standard RC6 (ECB-Mode) and less secure MD5 algorithms. The encryption/decryption task can be performed through the S60 File Manager, too. While this $17.95 application deserves a complete review, for the time being suffice it to say that V2.00 of Best Crypto was just released with the following new features:

  • Allows multiple selection and multiple files encryption/decryption at once from both safe list and FileMan,
  • Shows detailed progress of encryption/decryption operations,
  • Possibility to cancel encryption or decryption process at any time added,
  • Safe list: Item display format is changed. More items can be displayed on screen at the same time now,
  • Possibility to launch/view file directly from Best Crypto added,
  • Icons in FileMan re-designed, they look better on high resolution devices now,
  • Large files are encrypted/decrypted much faster now,
  • Error during operation doesn’t put file into undefined state any more. All changes fully reverted and temporary data cleared on any failed action,
  • Languages: English, German and Russian,
  • Symbian Signed.

If you’re upgrading from a previous release, consider the following:

  • The new version can’t load your previous version options. So you will have to add your sensitive files to the safe list again. Encrypted or not, the new version recognizes the old version encrypted files.
  • If you’ve purchased the previous version, you can use the new version for free and your registration information will stay the same. When the application starts, however, you will need to enter your registration information again.
  • The new version won’t replace your old version on your device — both versions can be installed at the same time. If you don’t need the previous version any longer you can uninstall it manually.

For more information regarding this application and to download a 15-day trial, visit this page.


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