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March 22, 2008 / Marco

Y-Browser Updated to V0.88

I’m wondering why the super-popular free S60 3rd Edition file browser, Y-Browser, hasn’t yet been updated to V1.0. Whatever the cause, Y-Browser V0.88 is now available for download, and this time it’s not a MOSH-only application. The update brings several bug fixes, provides FP2-compatibility and offers new features like file type associations and command shortcuts available via its Settings menu. In addition, the download page now offers updated V0.88-compatible plug-ins such as BtObex sender, Mail folders, Text viewer and Zip.

If you are a Symbian screen reader user, note that Y-Browser 0.88 doesn’t work smoothly with screen readers. That is, as you press Right to move to the list of files inside a folder and then press Up and Down to navigate among the files inside that folder, both TALKS and Mobile Speak tend to repeat the full directory path before reading the file name which gains focus. This is much more noticeable with TALKS as the so-called screen refreshes get announced in rapid successions — something for both screen reader developers to look at. I’ve used my N82 to test both screen readers with Y-Browser 0.88.

Related Info: Y-Browser Update to V0.88.3



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  1. Cleverson / Mar 24 2008 2:24 pm

    Amir, you may want to review a file browser called “Active file”. It is faster than YBrowser when opening new folders, it has more features, e.g. can display two folders at a time, and it’s quite accessible with Talks. If interested, check it at


  2. Dr.Jukka / Mar 24 2008 4:00 pm

    Any possibility that you could send me email addresses of the developers for the TALKS & Mobile Speak, could check if there is something that could be done.

    For the speed, either turn file recognition off, or define with file associations all file types to be recognized by extensions. then it will be lot faster.

    Also each folder is read fully only once a run-time, thus second visit before shutting it down, will be a lot faster one, except of course you have turn the option off from the settings.

  3. Amir / Mar 25 2008 4:02 pm

    That would be a sure thing, Cleverson. However, the developer of Y-Browser is aware of the issue and is in a good position to make the application more screen-reader friendly with the help of screen reader developers.

  4. Horst Goettler / Apr 16 2008 9:15 am

    Amir and all,

    after one of my friends told me that he was able to work smoothly with Y-Browser using the actual Talks version, today, I have ihnstalled Y-Browser 0.88.2. And yes, it really does a great job if you set the display mode to full screen.

    Best regards, Horst

  5. Horst Goettler / Apr 16 2008 11:06 am


    unfortunately, I need to correct myself. Please forget my previous comment regarding Y-Browser. I have found folders where the problem of not properly reading the selected item does still occur. In this case, it is a folder containing sub folders with OGG files, and the sub folders each contain more than 10 files.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Best regards, Horst

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