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March 17, 2008 / Marco

One Charger for All Seasons For Your Cell Phone and Accessories

As someone who should recharge a good number of handsets and accessories on a daily basis, whenever I want to purchase a new device I take into account how it is going to re-gain juice after it runs out of power. However, I’ve been fortunate enough to see that Nokia has decided to ship many of its recently manufactured handsets and accessories with Nokia Compact Travel Charger AC-5. This light-weight nifty device allows me to carry a single charger for the handsets and accessories I move around. What’s more, I just keep one charger at hand while I’m at home without being forced to think about where to find a specific charger for handset X and another for accessory Y.

Handsets like the N81, N82 and stereo Bluetooth headsets like Nokia BH-503 and Nokia BH-604 use the compact charger mentioned above. To be more specific, if you visit the compatibility page for this charger, you’ll find 62 handsets mentioned there, and the page doesn’t include compatible Bluetooth headsets. As such, this is one of the huge advantages of staying with the same company for handsets and accessories, because there would be a good chance of using one charger for all of them. I sincerely hope Nokia continues this trend and also expand it to, say, USB cables or, to the extent possible, to batteries.


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