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March 11, 2008 / Marco

Mobile Speak 3.40 and more Important Changes

Yesterday I reported that Code Factory has released Mobile Speak V3.40. I managed to find a list of new features and bug fixes on the Code Factory web site, but today I found more new features and bug fixes in the TXT file which accompanies Mobile Speak installation files. The following is a list of such modifications which I couldn’t mention in my post yesterday, and the list is quite impressive.

  • Now speaking the percent complete in progress bars (e.g. during installation). Press one of the joystick keys while the progress bar is being displayed to hear the current percent complete.
  • Fixed problem in some of the latest 9.2 phones where the music player lists were not being spoken correctly.
  • Symbian 9: Made Phone Pilot application accessible.
  • Symbian 9: “Keypad Locked” and “Keypad Unlocked” are now spoken when Mute on Keypad Lock is set to ON.
  • Symbian 9: Changed Alarm status when pressing Edit + Left soft key so that it only speaks Clock alarms (previously it spoke Calendar alarms too).
  • Symbian 9: Multiple alarms are now spoken when pressing Edit + Left soft key, if more than one alarm is set.
  • Symbian 9: Fixed issue where pressing Edit + 9 from standby screen (to read the time) was sometimes being cut half way through speaking.
  • Symbian 9: Fixed problem that sometimes caused license to expire after a call, when Nokia TTS is not registered.
  • Symbian 9.1: Improved stability when initializing Nokia voices.
  • Symbian 9.2: Fixed problem when connected to a bluetooth headset and answering a call by pressing the headset’s key, the phone could restart.
  • Fixed problem which could cause speech to stop when switching voices between the same TTS inside Configure Mobile Speak.
  • Fixed problem on N71 where dialing screen may not have been read.
  • E51: Changed edit key to be the Calendar hotkey (the key below the menu key) instead of the Voice Command key.
  • 6120: Edit key remapping is disabled now inside Camera app, so that camera key works as normal when camera is in foreground.
  • Fixed problem where some notes and lists were not being spoken immediately (e.g. during installation).
  • Not speaking any more when screen saver starts.
  • Nokia Standard TTS: Fixed problem where lower case chars were not pronounced correctly.
  • Fixed problem which could cause some applications with editors to close.
  • Fixed problem where comma was being spoken while speaking date and time (Edit + 9) with punctuation set to all.
  • Fixed problem where caller ID announcement was sometimes being interrupted.
  • Braille: Fixed output of signal level when pressing edit + left soft key.
  • Braille: New Braille 8tb tables in Russian, and G1 and G2 tables in French.

I’m going to give this new Mobile Speak release a serious try, and you’ll see my findings here.


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