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March 10, 2008 / Marco

Mobile Speak for Symbian Updated to V3.40

Last Friday (March 7th) Code Factory released Mobile Speak for Symbian V3.40. This release offers the following features.

  • Support for the new and responsive High Quality Loquendo voices on Symbian 9 phones in UK and US English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish and Portuguese.
  • Full support for the latest features of Wayfinder Access V2.0.
  • Unique adaptation for the new Vicinity Feed screen. Mobile Speak only reads the text when it changes. For example, if the GPS application says “walk 200 meters and turn left” and then changes to “walk 100 meters and turn left”, Mobile Speak won’t repeat the whole sentence. Instead, it will say “100”, “50”, “30”, etc. If users want to hear the whole sentence repeated, all they need to do is to press Edit+#.
  • New easy-to-understand direction mode based on a standard clock. For instance, instead of saying “The hotel is in 10 meters at 270 degrees”, Mobile Speak will say “The hotel is in 10 meters at 9 o’clock.
  • Full translations for 10 new languages: Mobile Speak can now speak Hindi, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Serbian, Slovak, Tagalog, Romanian, Urdu and Indonesian. Users can listen to Mobile Speak in any of these languages if the firmware of their Symbian 9 phone uses the desired language. Once the firmware displays the language in question, the Nokia voice for that language can be selected from the Settings application of the Mobile Speak control panel.
  • Optional audible tone which indicates that Mobile Speak is loaded on a Symbian 9 phone.
  • “Volume on call” feature, allowing the user to set one volume level when Mobile Speak is operating normally and another when the program speaks while the user is in a phone call.
  • “Voice on call” feature, allowing users to choose between Nokia and NokiaHQ text-to-speech (TTS) on a call.
  • New user dictionary tool for Symbian 9, which allows users to customize the way words and phrases are spoken by the voice they use.
  • Accessibility for all Active Standby screen plug-in items when the Active Standby screen is activated.
  • The PIN code entry screen is now spoken on startup in Symbian 9.2 phones.
  • WLAN status and Keyboard lock are read when Edit + left soft is pressed.

This is a worthwhile upgrade for Mobile Speak users and can be downloaded from here, after taking the wizard. Kudus to Code Factory for such a nice release.


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  1. Michal Tasiemski / Mar 14 2008 2:22 pm

    Please contact me concerning the Polish voices.
    Have a look at our website:
    We offer a Polish-English Mobile Dictionary called LexiTools.

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