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February 28, 2008 / Marco

Google Mobile vs. Google Classic

As I want to start surfing the web, I face a strange problem. I’ve set my homepage to Google. When I go to my homepage, Google displays its page using the “mobile” style because, true enough, I use the Nokia N81 or Nokia N82 to access the S60 web browser. Sadly, though, I don’t like the mobile style and, as such, select the link called “classic” to carry out my searches. I like the classic style primarily owing to the fact that it gives me more navigation options via the assistance of my S60 screen reader: Nuance TALKS. When you perform a search, for instance, Google classic displays each result in a heading and I can easily move back and forth around headings. This is totally missing in Google mobile.

Now you’re wondering what the problem is? Each time I go to Google, I get the mobile page not the classic page even after setting it to classic in a previous session. In other words, Google doesn’t remember my preference and always forces me to start with Google mobile. That wasn’t the case, but I’ve been fighting it over the past two weeks or so. Do you know any workarounds or solutions?

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  1. Mark / Aug 19 2008 9:29 pm

    I realise it’s a while since you posted this, so it might be that Google have made some changes to allow this, but I have been able to set the classic view as a bookmark and have the browser go straight to that view when I select that bookmark. (That is not *exactly* what you were trying to do, namely set Google-Classic as your home page, but I haven’t tried that, and it would be only one extra keypress if you put the Google-Classic bookmark as your first bookmark).

    I’ll include the address, but the easiest way to get it into yor bookmarks is to follow the process. (It is possible that the address I’ve included below might not work if entered directly, so the process is the way to go I reckon)

    Here’s how I got the classic view into a bookmark:
    1. On your phone, go to the regular page, (I think it’d probably be the same for other Google search pages in other domains)
    2. Find the “Classic” link near the end of the page (I hit “4” to move to the end of the page and then scrolled back up)
    3. Hit select to open this classic view. The classic page should then open.
    4. When that page was fully loaded, I then saved that page as a bookmark.
    I’ve tried opening that bookmark using my home WiFi the Vodafone GPRS access connection and the Vodafone Live! connection (which often mods pages to a mobile version) and each of them went directly to the Google Classic view.

    I had tried creating the classic view bookmark on my PC and then syncing it to the phone, but when I did that the phone browser went directly to the mobile version. So it seems that it might be important to do this on your phone and not to try to do it on the PC.

    FYI the address generated in the bookmark on the phone is
    although this might be different for you, and I wouldn’t be surprised that if you enter that address directly into a bookmark that Google would try to be clever and take you to the mobile version.
    Although it shouldn’t be this way, my guess is that it is actually important to do it in one particular way; the other wys *should* work but don’t seem to.

    Hope this helps,


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