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February 8, 2008 / Marco

Got Fring for my cell phone but with Trouble

Finally today I managed to download Fring 3.30 for my N82, but the process was a bit problematic. When I went to the Fring download page, I was presented with a form. Basically it asked me to specify my country and type my mobile number to receive an SMS containing the Fring download URL. I tried several times but didn’t get any SMS from Fring. I think this is related to Iranian providers, and isn’t a problem at Fring’s end. At any rate, few hours later I received an email from Fring with a link to another download page. This page Allows you to download Fring according to your handset type. I selected the third/final link which is for S60 FP1 devices, and now have Fring here! Soon you’ll see my Fring review on this blog. For the time being, however, suffice it to say that TALKS&ZOOMS can label many of the icons found in Fring to make life quite easier.

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Fring V3.35 Update

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