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January 25, 2008 / Marco

Nokia N82 cell phone firmware update is a milestone

Yesterday I managed to update my Nokia N82 mobile phone firmware to V11.0.117 10-12-07 RM-313 Nokia N82 (23.01). The update size was 98.4MB and with a 256KBPS ADSL connection it took less than 150 minutes to grab the update. It also took about 4 minutes in order for the firmware update to be transferred to the cell phone.

As updating was over and the phone restarted, TALKS started reading the phone screens immediately. In fact, neither was I forced to set the date/time, reinstall my applications, re-adjust the menu structure, restore my contacts, and so forth. This is “user data preservation (UDP)” in full swing.

I call this a milestone because the N82 is the first cell phone in general and the first Nokia handset in particular to have implemented user data preservation. Moreover, this is also a welcome change for Symbian screen reader users who won’t be forced to reinstall their screen readers if UDP finds its way into other Nokia handsets. Kudos to Nokia!

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