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January 25, 2008 / Marco

Cell phones and cell phone boosters linked to sleep disorders?

While I was taking a look at my usual list of news articles, I came across this interesting article.

I find it interesting that cell phones can potentially affect someones sleep. This makes me wonder how compounded the affect is for those that have a cell phone booster in their home.

In this article published at PIERs online researchers studied 36 women and 35 men. From these a total of 22 had reported sleep issues that were believed to be linked to cell phones. The findings of this study showed that those that were actually exposed to cell phone signals on average took a longer amount of time to reach the deeper stages of sleep as compared with those that were getting the placebo effect of cell phone signals. Quite and interesting find I’d say.

I for one often times use the “Offline” profile as I go to bed every night. Sometimes I also switch off the phone just not to be disturbed by night owls. People generally assume that its okay to call a cell phone at night because if the person doesn’t shut theirs off then they must not mind. I for one disagree though because in a lot of cases peoples mobile phone is now their only phone so it must be kept on in case of a emergency where they must be contacted. Go take a look at the article.

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