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January 22, 2008 / Marco

Handy Taskman: a must-have application for your Nokia Cell Phone

It is not often that I call something a must-have application, but Handy Taskman truly deserves it.

As the name implies, it is an application which attempts to replace Nokia’s default task manager and, in return, provides users with more options. Let’s see what it does.

When it is installed, it gets added to the Applications folder. However, oftentimes it wouldn’t be necessary to access it by going to that folder. Instead, pressing and holding down the Menu key immediately activates Handy Taskman. As it activates, it displays a list of applications which are running in the background. Needless to say, pressing Select on each app simply opens it. But it’s “Soft Key 1” which displays the real power of Handy Taskman.

As Soft Key 1 is pressed, users can opt to switch to the focused application, close it, kill it, and close all opened applications. Moreover, by selecting the “Lookup and start” option, users can simply start typing the first few letters of an application and activate it by pressing Select. This is pretty similar to what AppQLaunch does, with the exception that AppQLaunch doesn’t remove the letters which have already been typed into its edit field as one returns to use it, but Handy Taskman does.

Finally, selecting the “Memory details” option allows us to see the free RAM and the total RAM, the available phone memory capacity and the available memory card capacity. This, for instance, helped me know that my N82 has 120MB of RAM and in most circumstances about 90MB of the RAM is available to me.

To give this $20 application a try, visit this page. Do you think it is the best task manager available?

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