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January 14, 2008 / Marco

Introducing AppQLaunch

Have you read negative or disappointing reviews about Microsoft’s latest Windows release, Vista? Well, if all complaints are sound, Vista has a killer feature which allows you to press the Windows key, type the first few letters of the application you want to open, select it from the list by pressing Enter on the program you want, and it’s done! So cool, isn’t it?

That’s exactly the idea behind developing a free app for S60 3rd Edition phones called “AppQLaunch”. Basically, you install the program (preferably to the phone memory), assign it to one of the soft keys or move it to the main menu from the Applications folder, run it, press Key 1 to select the Refresh option, and that’s all about it. Just type something like “BL” to activate “Bluetooth”, and “RA” to activate “Radio”. Very efficient and time-saving.

The program is developed by Yohanes and can be downloaded here. Do you like it?

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  1. Clive Pallett / Jan 14 2008 11:32 pm

    AppQlaunch is a brilliant program. I have installed it on my N91 and it saves time having to scroll through menus trying to find that elusive application, especially when you cannot remember which menu it is in. I highly recommend it, most of all because it’s free.

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