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January 6, 2008 / Marco

Nokia, please stop banning Iranians

I didn’t want to start one of my early posts this way, but what I saw last night terribly shocked me.

In Iran many people tend to buy Nokia cell phones because “nokia” is always associated with high-quality products. Yesterday as I was trying to access the Mosh Web site to download Ybrowser for my N82 I received the following error message:

“Country block: This service is not available in your area.”

Now, Nokia, I’m really interested in knowing why on earth you’ve decided to take such a harsh stance towards Iranians. This is not the first time I’ve seen such a thing. Few days ago I tried to modify my subscription to “Nokia email services”, and, to my surprise, Iran wasn’t in the list of available countries.

This will harm Nokia’s reputation in the long run and, above all, only affects Iranian people not the so-called intended target of these sanctions. So please, Nokia, remove Iran from your blacklist! I’m just hoping to not be banned as I access Nokia Software Updater!


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