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January 6, 2008 / Marco

Nokia Audiobooks updated on Dec. 21st

If you are a big fan of listening to audiobooks on your cell phones and have been wondering which application to use for that purpose, come take a look at

Nokia Audiobooks.

It allows you to read audiobooks on your Symbian 9.XX phone in a compressed format. You can also create bookmarks in your books, and I think it’s a great start for both Nokia and avid book readers.

The program works relatively well with TALKS, although if you have a few books on the phone TALKS might remain silent in the book list. This will be taken care of soon. Also, the Audiobooks web site allows you to download the Audiobooks convertor for PCs, and the program itself is under constant development based on user feedback. The latest update was posted on Dec. 21st 2007 and provides the following fixes:

  • Bookmarks are now sorted correctly, previous version was sorting them in order of creation, correct sorting is in order of appearance in a book.
  • When keylock is activated, sleep-pause is not activated anymore
  • Supports finnish language in UI.

Happy reading!


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